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The Anatotemp anatomic healing abutment has become a staple in providing off-the-shelf solution for creating ideal gingival emergence profile. Anatotemp SC, the second generation Anatotemp is both an anatomic healing abutment and a digital scan body. The digital dental implant workflow has become even easier saving four steps and one appointment. With the AnatotempSC there is no need to remove the healing abutment and place an impression post or scan body. AnatotempSC does it all! This 2.45mm AnatotempSC works with our dental implant system.

Anatotemp shapes and sizes were designed using an exhaustive cone beam CT study, enabling the formulation of average sizes that are ideal for an off-the-shelf component.

AnatotempSC is available in six anatomic shapes and multiple anti-rotational connections. When choosing Anatotemp shape and location, you may want to refer to the Anatotemp Shape Location Guide on this page.

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